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Extraction And Dryout. Get water removed by a team of seasoned professionals.

Flood damage restoration. Get damage repaired after flooding has taken place.

Storm Damage Restoration. We cover damage from wind and other storm forces.

Insurance accepted. If you have storm or flood insurance we accept all plans from all major providers.

Emergency Service; Team On Site Within The Hour!

Water Damage Is A SERIOUS Issue

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Pipe bursts.

Leaky pipes.

Too-long running water.

These are just some of the many issues that can lead to water damage in a modern home.

If you have water in your home as a result of the 4 causes mentioned above, there is one thing you need to know, above all else:

Time Is Of The Essence When Dealing With Water Damage

The thing you need to know about water damage, is that it is not like wind or fire damage.

Water damage doesnt stop when the event (i.e. the flood) stops. With a fire, the damage stops when the fire is put out. With wind damage, the damage stops when the wind ends. But with flooding, the damage only gets worse and worse as the water remains in your house, because most water damage is caused by water slowly seeping into new parts of your home and compromising internal structures.

The short answer?

If your home has been affected by wind or fire damage, you need to get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

Risks Associated With Water Damage

Water costs over $1 billion in property damage every year.

The bulk of water damage is not actually caused by aggressive flooding, but common events like burst pipes and leaky faucets.

It doesnt take rushing flood waters to cause damage to your home.

Simply having water built up in your basement can cause very serious issues like:

- Mold Growth. In addition to being a very serious health risk, mold can also weaken wooden structures by eating away at the cellulose fibers that hold the wood together.

- Foundation damage. Water damage can result in spalling, which ultimately weakens your homes concrete foundation. Since all the wooden structures in your home are held up by beams on the foundation, this can ultimately result in advanced structural damage.

- Insulation damage. Common household insulators cannot withstand water damage. You will need to replace your insulation if water reaches it.

- Plumbing. Water damage can result in permanent damage to the plumbing structures in your home, by putting pressure on pipes. This in turn can cause more flooding, and damage to your homes foundation and insulation.

Call Anytime, 24 Hours A Day.

We Have Experts Standing By To Take Your Call!

Extraction And Dryout.

Flood damage restoration.

Storm Damage Restoration.

Insurance accepted.

Emergency Service; Team On Site Within The Hour!

Why WaterDamage321

WaterDamage321 offers a comprehensive line of water damage removal and reparation services, including:

- Water removal. Our team is equipped and train to handle water damage jobs in homes of all sizes.

- Water damage repair. If your home has already been damaged, we are equipped to handle the repairs in a timely fashion.

- Wind and storm damage. Our team can also handle wind and storm damage projects in addition to water damage.

WaterDamage321 accepts insurance from all major providers, meaning that if youre insured, you can get your damage repaired quickly and efficiently by our team of water repair experts.

And, if youre not insured, we offer some of the best cash prices in the business.

In short?

If your home has suffered water or wind damage, WaterDamage321 is the team you want on it.


When I found a massive pool of water in my basement, I was frankly STUNNED! I had no idea where it even came from, there was no flooding in the area recently. Fortunately my friend Martha recommended WaterDamage321. They arrived on site within an hour and identified that my problem was caused by a burst pipe. Then they cleaned out all the water and repaired the pipe within a few hours. Im so glad I called them.

- Sarah, North Dakota.

We had some pretty bad flooding in the area and everyone was scrambling to get a contractor on site. A lot of people I know called other contractors and they took hours to get there. WaterDamage321 was on site within the hour and had the water drained and all damage repaired in less than a day. I recommend them unconditionally.

- Dave, New York.

Call Anytime, 24 Hours A Day.

We Have Experts Standing By To Take Your Call!

Extraction And Dryout.

Flood damage restoration.

Storm Damage Restoration.

Insurance accepted.

Emergency Service; Team On Site Within The Hour!

The Time To Act Is NOW!

Water damage only gets worse with time.

If you have flooding and you want to protect your home, the time to act is NOW!

We have teams standing by 24 hours a day to take your call. Average response time is less than an hour.

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Considerations for Hiring Flood Damage Repair Work Out

Few phenomena cause destruction on the same level as water. When natural disasters send lake or river water into a house, you need to get extensive flood repair to save the rest of your house. Water leads to severe difficulties for the material that you find in furniture, fabric, drywall and carpet. While issues do not always show up right away, once they do appear, it is too late to help. Decaying wood splits, crumbles and cracks, weakening the stability of your home. Carpet and fabric grow mildew and mold that can lead to fatal illness. Powerful stenches stay around in your house for months at a time. While you can get rid of some of this yourself, you really need professional help to get your home back to its original state. If you hire any professionals to work on your house, insist on Cleantrust certification. Companies that have this have gained approval from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This is the platinum standard for agencies overseeing the carpet restoration and cleaning industry. They establish the standard for correct methods in the field. It requires years of work and knowhow to gain this symbol of excellence. If you are looking for a Cleantrust-certified company, the IICRC can show you a list in your area.

You might think that repairing flood damage is simple and straightforward, but it is ultimately much more complicated than it looks. You don't just toss out fabric and furniture that are wet. Instead, you have to go much further. Industry professionals have access to technology that allows them to find hazardous moisture levels. They can see likely hot spots for mold, and they can find microbes in your floor and walls. If you contact one of them quickly enough, you might not lose as much of your clothing and carpeting, as long as the water that flooded your home came from a clean area.

The only way to ensure that you can save anything is to start quickly. Mold starts to build within 2 or 3 days after materials become soaked. Once mold begins to grow, it is very difficult to manage. If you are entering a home that has mold, you need eye and hand protection, waterproof clothing and an organic vapor respirator. This keeps the mold from entering your lungs and bloodstream. If anything in the house was permeable or holds water for a long time, you just need to get rid of it. This includes drywall, mattresses and carpet. You need to take apart flooring and walls to look inside for evidence of saturation. Special soaps treat and pressure wash these areas, so that you aggressively get rid of mold. This is difficult for homeowners to do without the guidance of a professional.

If you find growing mold, you have to bring in a professional to treat that growth effectively, and he also has to tell you when the area has dried enough. Finishing flood repair can give you your home back, but it has to be done right.

Hiring A Water Damage Restoration Company Information

Homeowners are often faced with water damage and it is not only a taxing time for them, but one that can really make way for anxiety. Most people assume that they can clean up the water damage themselves without having to worry about needing professional help, but this is in fact a false belief. There are some major signs that your home may need the help of a water damage restoration company. Below, is a list of three of the top signs that you need professionals to help you handle the water damage.

Toxic Black Mold

As you may already know, mold is toxic and can make your home unhealthy to live in. Water damage usually provides the optimal breeding ground for black mold. What homeowners often don't understand about this type of mold is that it can in fact reappear in a different place if it wasn't completely destroyed the first time around.

A professional water damage restoration crew will have the necessary chemicals to help rid your home of black mold once and for all. Keep in mind, black mold doesn't always appear in the most obvious locations. Homeowners have sometimes learned that mold can often thrive behind the walls.

Extensive Amounts Of Water Damage

If you know for a fact that your home has suffered an extensive amount of water damage, calling for professional help can really be beneficial. Large areas of your home can be damaged severely by water, and it is important that the foundation of your home is not affected by this. It is important that you keep in mind that your home's value can decrease if you don't take care and hire the right professional help when the first signs of trouble start showing.

Sewage Pipe Breaks

If a sewage pipe broke near your home, it can often release biologic contaminants into your living space. This can often include unsanitary things like human waste, parasites and diseases that originated from the pipelines. Sewer pipes may also have chemicals that are dangerous for you to inhale. It is vital to your health that you don't try to handle a situation such as this by yourself and employ the help of professionals instead.

Hiring The Right Company

One of the smartest things you can do as a homeowner is hiring the right company to do the job. Your home is an important asset and you need to ensure that the company is well qualified to repair the water damage. Always check a company's references, past customers as well as insurance.

In some cases, the company crew will be working with chemicals to repair your home, so it is imperative that you know you're truly in professional hands. Professional water damage restoration companies will also help you document the items that were harmed by water damage and use pricing guides to determine their real value to help with filing insurance claims.

Never overlook the importance of choosing the right company, and if you know your home is showing signs of water damage, get help right away. It is critical that you take action quickly!

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