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Extraction And Dryout. Get water removed by a team of seasoned professionals.

Flood damage restoration. Get damage repaired after flooding has taken place.

Storm Damage Restoration. We cover damage from wind and other storm forces.

Insurance accepted. If you have storm or flood insurance we accept all plans from all major providers.

Emergency Service; Team On Site Within The Hour!

Water Damage Is A SERIOUS Issue

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Pipe bursts.

Leaky pipes.

Too-long running water.

These are just some of the many issues that can lead to water damage in a modern home.

If you have water in your home as a result of the 4 causes mentioned above, there is one thing you need to know, above all else:

Time Is Of The Essence When Dealing With Water Damage

The thing you need to know about water damage, is that it is not like wind or fire damage.

Water damage doesnt stop when the event (i.e. the flood) stops. With a fire, the damage stops when the fire is put out. With wind damage, the damage stops when the wind ends. But with flooding, the damage only gets worse and worse as the water remains in your house, because most water damage is caused by water slowly seeping into new parts of your home and compromising internal structures.

The short answer?

If your home has been affected by wind or fire damage, you need to get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

Risks Associated With Water Damage

Water costs over $1 billion in property damage every year.

The bulk of water damage is not actually caused by aggressive flooding, but common events like burst pipes and leaky faucets.

It doesnt take rushing flood waters to cause damage to your home.

Simply having water built up in your basement can cause very serious issues like:

- Mold Growth. In addition to being a very serious health risk, mold can also weaken wooden structures by eating away at the cellulose fibers that hold the wood together.

- Foundation damage. Water damage can result in spalling, which ultimately weakens your homes concrete foundation. Since all the wooden structures in your home are held up by beams on the foundation, this can ultimately result in advanced structural damage.

- Insulation damage. Common household insulators cannot withstand water damage. You will need to replace your insulation if water reaches it.

- Plumbing. Water damage can result in permanent damage to the plumbing structures in your home, by putting pressure on pipes. This in turn can cause more flooding, and damage to your homes foundation and insulation.

Call Anytime, 24 Hours A Day.

We Have Experts Standing By To Take Your Call!

Extraction And Dryout.

Flood damage restoration.

Storm Damage Restoration.

Insurance accepted.

Emergency Service; Team On Site Within The Hour!

Why WaterDamage321

WaterDamage321 offers a comprehensive line of water damage removal and reparation services, including:

- Water removal. Our team is equipped and train to handle water damage jobs in homes of all sizes.

- Water damage repair. If your home has already been damaged, we are equipped to handle the repairs in a timely fashion.

- Wind and storm damage. Our team can also handle wind and storm damage projects in addition to water damage.

WaterDamage321 accepts insurance from all major providers, meaning that if youre insured, you can get your damage repaired quickly and efficiently by our team of water repair experts.

And, if youre not insured, we offer some of the best cash prices in the business.

In short?

If your home has suffered water or wind damage, WaterDamage321 is the team you want on it.


When I found a massive pool of water in my basement, I was frankly STUNNED! I had no idea where it even came from, there was no flooding in the area recently. Fortunately my friend Martha recommended WaterDamage321. They arrived on site within an hour and identified that my problem was caused by a burst pipe. Then they cleaned out all the water and repaired the pipe within a few hours. Im so glad I called them.

- Sarah, North Dakota.

We had some pretty bad flooding in the area and everyone was scrambling to get a contractor on site. A lot of people I know called other contractors and they took hours to get there. WaterDamage321 was on site within the hour and had the water drained and all damage repaired in less than a day. I recommend them unconditionally.

- Dave, New York.

Call Anytime, 24 Hours A Day.

We Have Experts Standing By To Take Your Call!

Extraction And Dryout.

Flood damage restoration.

Storm Damage Restoration.

Insurance accepted.

Emergency Service; Team On Site Within The Hour!

The Time To Act Is NOW!

Water damage only gets worse with time.

If you have flooding and you want to protect your home, the time to act is NOW!

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Benefits to Hiring a Flood Damage Restoration Company

As flood waters move through the house, it can cause serious damage that requires major restoration. Because of that, many households will hire a flood damage restoration company to begin the process of cleanup and restoration. This is essential to do right away, because mildew and mold can start forming after just a few hours.

Significant Benefits

Homeowners receive significant benefits by hiring a professional flood damage restoration company. The technicians will use highly-effective equipment and their years of experience at performing water extraction in the flooded areas of the home. Part of the remediation process includes detecting standing water under flooring and behind walls, using a variety of moisture detection devices such as hydrometers and infrared cameras. Once the water has been located, drywall and flooring can be removed to continue the extraction process.

Mold Remediation

Anytime building materials have the ability to stay moist, wet or damp for an extended time, it creates the ideal growing environment for mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. In fact, viruses, pathogens and other harmful contaminants can easily harbor in these areas, if left untreated. Many times, the technicians will pull back carpeting and lift up flooring materials to ensure that the mold is not growing in the substrate below.

Salvaging Personal Items

The experienced technicians that work for a flood damage restoration company usually strive to protect furniture and personal items in the home. This is because water easily destroys furniture, drapes, clothing, bedding materials, and other organic. The technicians have the skills necessary to fully evaluate the damage of furniture, personal items and household goods. They can make the decision of what items can be fully restored, and what items are not salvageable.

Deodorizing and Sanitizing

After all the water has been extracted from the area, the technicians will begin the deodorizing and sanitizing processes. This involves using professional-strength deodorizing chemicals to eliminate the buildup of any odors caused by contaminants and decomposing building materials. In addition, they will sanitize the restoration area to avoid any secondary damage caused by high levels of moisture and humidity.

The Drying Process

The process of drying is complex. It involves the use of industrial equipment including air blowers, fans and dehumidifiers. The air is extracted from the home, by blowing it outside, to minimize the buildup of any airborne humidity and contaminants.

Once the water has been extracted, the area deodorized, sanitized and thoroughly dried, the reconstruction process can begin. This includes installing new drywall in areas where its removal was necessary to gain access to standing water, and the installation of new flooring materials, baseboards, doors and wood trim.

It is imperative that the hired professional flood damage restoration company arrive at the house as quickly as possible to minimize the costs involved in total remediation. This is especially important if a backed up sewer pipe filled with highly contaminant water caused the flooding. A quick start on remediation avoids huge additional costs to restore the home back to its pre-flood condition.

How Can a Water Damage Restoration Company Help You

Damage in the home caused by water is typically an unexpected event that can cause serious problems to the homes foundation. Every kind of water damage in the home can cause significant issues, where the household will need to move out until the house is brought back to a pre-flood condition. Fortunately, a water damage restoration company is certified to handle the entire job.

In fact, a professional water damage restoration company is available 24 hours a day. This is because flood emergencies happen around-the-clock. To be successful, the professional cleanup crew must begin the mitigation process to avoid the potential of mold and mildew growth. In fact, growing contaminants including bacteria, fungus, mildew and mold can create a harmful hazardous condition inside the household within just a few hours after the flooding occurs.

Reputable water damage restoration companies provide much-needed services that include:

Water damage consultation
Stabilizing the water damage
Water extraction
Sanitizing and deodorizing
Mold remediation services if necessary
Drying and dehumidifying
Restoring content including furniture, carpeting and drapes
Water decontamination
The safe disposal of all demolition materials
Site rebuild to restore the area to its pre-flood condition

Dealing with Insurance

One of the biggest hassles of water damage is dealing directly with the insurance adjuster to ensure that work can begin immediately. However, often times the insurance carrier will recommend a water damage restoration company, and will work with that company directly to ensure the home is put back to its prior condition.

Even so, the property owner has the right to hire any company they desire as long as they are certified, trained and use the proper equipment. Before selecting any cleanup crew, they should meet various criteria that include:

A company that is bonded, insured and licensed
The best tools and experience in water damage repair
Offers 24 hour services for emergencies
Has obtained training certificates and restoration credentials
Indicates all involve costs on their written contract
Guarantees work performance by every employee

Water Damage Restoration

The restoration process involved after water damage is extensive. The trained technicians will extract all standing water in areas that can be seen and unseen. This might necessitate removing drywall, carpeting or other flooring material to extract water behind the material.

Next, the company will use a variety of moisture detection equipment including infrared scanners and hydrometers. It is essential to remove all accumulated moisture before the deodorizing and sanitizing process can begin.

The technicians will then use industrial-grade air blowers as a way to eliminate all existing humidity and moisture. Before stopping the blowing process, they will ensure that all of the moisture has been removed from building materials and furnishings in the home. The final process includes rebuilding the interior of the home to its pre-flood condition.

Water damage remediation is complex, and requires extensive training and proven techniques to achieve the best results. A skilled professional water damage remediation contractor will use proven techniques and the best equipment to ensure that the job is performed correctly, so that the family can move back in as soon as possible.

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